Sweet Lics

Our History

Sweet Lics began as a dream of Barb's about two years ago. She realized that it was time for her to utilize her skills as a talented event planner, banquet manager, designer, financial manager and genuine budding entrepreneur to create a business of her own.

She began her journey that led her throughout this great Country and Europe to find the most creative shop designs, the best quality product and the finest mentors, which included Mindful Designs out of San Diego and AGP General Contractor from Volusia County, to embrace and interpret her idea and bring it to life. She chose DeLand, Florida as her flagship location. Barb not only lives in DeLand but she has built a life in this quaint college town and has become well known and truly liked and admired as a pillar of the community. She wanted to locate in the heart of the historical district of downtown and the opportunity presented itself when a property became available in March of 2015.

The building was a diamond in the ruff with the finest location possible. Situated on a corner just one & one half blocks away from prestigious Stetson University and at the beginning or the end of the famous downtown walking loop with parking both in the front and rear, Barb believed this was a win win. With her design and construction team in place she tackled the upward climb of convincing the historic preservation board that her designs would be an asset to downtown. With a convincing argument Barb received an all systems go from the governing bodies.

Needless to say, the before and after photos of this quaint ice cream shop are amazing. Barb wanted a Wow reaction from her patrons and she hasn't been disappointed. Sweet Lics was created to make a dream come true and offer a fabulous dessert/ice cream shop in the heart of one of this country's top historic downtowns. In her shop Barb offers an ever evolving solution to satisfy your hunger for dessert in healthy, innovative ways.

One way evolved from direct tutelage by North and South America's greatest gelato pastry chef, Paolo of Montebianco. You'll encounter handcrafted popsicles, frozen sandwiches and parfaits designed to please your palate. Don't stop there. Discover how creative you can be by adding a freshly baked bottom treat to your cup and choose to smother it with 18 delicious healthy flavors of gelato, yogurt, custard, gelati and sorbet. Before you begin to savor your creation you can add some of the most imaginative, tasty fresh toppings you can find anywhere on the planet. Whatever your taste, whether it be soft serve, coffee, tea, home made cookies, smoothies, lattes, macchiatos or more, come explore Sweet Lics for a happy, friendly and totally eye popping experience.

You can't help but notice the friendly staff and bright smiling face of the ever pleasant Sweetie, the store's logo, welcoming you to begin your creative journey. When you're there don't forget to pick up a pint of frozen yogurt or a bag of fresh wonderful candy to take home or take time to discuss planning your child's next party or event held in the convenient party room. Your kids will love it! The party room also works for meetings and after hours events.

Enjoy indoor as well as outdoor dining with a beautiful al Fresca cafe that allows you to enjoy the vibrant street life in DeLand both day and night. Don't wait! Come visit seven days a week, whenever you taste buds call out for Sweet Lics Frozen Treats & More. You'll be happy you did and Barb & Sweetie will be happy to see you!

Sweet Lics, Deland Florida